Public Interest Law Society Student Chapter

Public Interest Law Society Student Chapter

What is The Public Interest Law Society?

Nova Southeastern University Law's Public Interest Law Society is a student-run organization founded in 1994 to promote public interest legal employment opportunities and to overcome the economic barriers that confront future public interest lawyers. The organization is also involved in a number of public service and law school projects including Canned Immunity (providing food for the needy), community service projects to help the needy, and the national public interest law conference held each October in Washington, D.C.


If you are interested in becoming a member, you may e-mail Nick Chiappetta at All students are invited to join.


The Public Interest Law Society's major fundraiser is the annual Auction held each Spring. The money raised by the Auction sponsors students who choose to take non-paying public interest positions during the summer. All non-graduating students are eligible to apply for these fellowships, which are awarded each year. The Public Interest Law Society is the ONLY student organization that gives all the money it raises back to the students. For more information you may email Bea Serrano at

Equal Justice Works

Learn more about Equal Justice Works (formerly the National Association for Public Interest Law), visit their homepage at

2014-2015 Board Members:

  Maria Santi President
  Bertha Serrano Vice President & Auction Chair
  Geoffrey Langbart Vice-Chair of Auction
  Aylin Ruiz Secretary
  Jennifer Ortega Treasurer
  Nicholas Chiappetta Public Relations Director
  Catherine Davis Community Outreach Director
  Layal Souwed Volunteer Director
  Anna Black 1L Representative
  Adam Benna 1L Representative
  Brittney Horton 1L Representative
  Janyl Relling 1L Representative
  Alexander Bekker 1L Representative
  Erika Rodriguez 1L Representative
  Amanda Carbone 1L Representative
  Sandra Williams 1L Representative
  Gal Rosenzweig 2L Representative
  Lauren Turner 2L Representative

Faculty Advisor

  Michael Richmond Professor of Law

General Members

  • Michael Aranda
  • Phoebe Azran
  • Pedro Balderramos
  • Matthew Botkin
  • Alexandra Brady
  • Jacob Bynum
  • Humberto Caiaffa
  • Stephany Candamo
  • Alana Cano
  • Ajay Dabas
  • Ashley Dixon-Rolston
  • Suzanne Dycus
  • Beatrice Espady
  • Size Fleureme
  • Bradley Foster
  • Ruby Garg
  • Tara Gelfant
  • Danielle Gittlin
  • Jessica Gomez
  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Judith Gorin-Lewis
  • Mary Grecz
  • Christina Hero
  • Stephanie Herrmann
  • Jasmine Jas
  • Monica Jordan
  • Iris Kwon
  • Lindsay Lawrence
  • William Lawrence
  • Paul Lipof
  • Sara Mammarella
  • Sophia Mitchell
  • Richard Nelson
  • Shire Patel
  • Antoinette Pollard
  • Jenna Ralston
  • Valerie Raphael
  • Landon Ray
  • Nicholas Rubano
  • Kevin Sellar
  • Samantha Seltzer
  • Natasha St. Pierre
  • Meredith Story
  • John Taddeo
  • Adam Tannen
  • Lynn Taylor
  • Mariel Tollinchi
  • Storm Tropea
  • Christine Venezia
  • Theresa Wagner
  • Natalie Walkinshaw
  • Racheal Williams

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