Public Interest Law Society Participates in Fall Fest at the Women in Distress Shelter

Posted on: 11/12/2013

On October 24, the Public Interest Law society (PILS) participated in Fall Fest at the Women in Distress women and children’s shelter. The fall fest drive to collect toiletries and costumes for the shelter took place from October 7 - October 21. With over 70 costumes donated, PILS exceeded their goal in collecting children’s costumes with the help of an anonymous donor by the name of “The Great Pumpkin,” the Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA), Evening Law Student Association (ELSA), Immigration Law Organization (ILO) & NSU Law students. Students also donated over 1,500 toiletries for the women living in the shelter. For more information on Women in Distress, click here.

PILS would like to thank those who contributed in making this event so successful:

Maria Santi, PILS, President

Bertha Serrano, PILS, Vice President & Auction Chair

Geoffrey Langbart, PILS, Vice-Chair of Auction

Phoebe Rosen, PILS Community Outreach Director

Ajay Dabas, Member

Jonathan Karp, Member

Landon Ray, Member

Sophie Mitchell, Member

Antionette Pollard, Member

Karen Mena, HLSA, President

William Soler, Esq, Member

Adam Benna, 1L Representative

Anna Black, 1L Representative

Gal Rosenzweig, 2L Representative

Bradley Foster, Law student (greatest benefactor of toiletries)

Alexis Ondris, Law student (greatest benefactor of toiletries)

Stephanie Candamo, Law student

Suzanne Dykus , Law student

Zachary Davis, Law student

Ashley Paxton, Volunteer

Christopher Rivero, Volunteer

Joseph Rivero, Volunteer

Steven Rivero, Volunteer 

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